Monday, April 02, 2012

reading diary

finished recently

  • Ich bin immer noch in Wien... Briefe an Mama und Papa in der Türkei / Mehmet Emir
  • The librarian / Lee Brazil (Kindle edition). Love and sex story between male librarian and male hairdresser. "His job in the archives of the business library was interesting and had great potential for upward movement".
  • Doppelgänger / Wolfgang Millendorfer
  • Unlikely partners / Jacqueline Diamond (Kindle edition). Love story, actually quite funny, but the second part is somehow dispensable. "Compared to her talented, lively sister Jeanette, she'd always been the mousy one in the family. (...) As his arms pulled her close, the Sarah Farentino who responded was not the shy young woman with a bookcase full of mysteries substituting for reality. This was the other Sarah, the wild one".
  • Typisch englisch. Ein vergnüglicher Inselführer / Roland Hill
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