Sunday, September 03, 2017

BBB News. Neue Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in: diesmal mit Schwerpunkt Belletristik vom Krimi über das Bilderbuch bis zum Kindersachbuch.
Susan Mann: The librarian and the spy. New York: Zebra Books 2017 (A Zebra Shout Fresh New Romance)

Dee Ready: Librarians help. Capstone Press 2013

Mark Pryor: The Paris librarian. Amherst: Seventh Street Books 2016 (A Hugo Marston Novel)

Jessica Spanyol: Clive is a librarian. Swindon: Child's play 2017

Marc Crabtree: Meet my neighbour, the librarian. Crabtree 2012

Rita Marcella / Hayley Lockerbie / Lyndsay Bloice / Caroline Hood / Flora Barton: "The effects of the research excellence framework research impact agenda on early- and mid-career researchers in library and information science". In: Journal of Information Science, 4. August 2017

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