Tuesday, February 20, 2018

BBB news. Neue Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in

Übersicht über die neuen Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in. Dieses Mal habe ich unter anderem das "SLIS Student Research Journal" (nunmehr "School of Information Student Research Journal") ausgewertet.
Michael L. Maciel / Wendi Arant Kaspar / Wyoma vanDuinkerken: "(Desperately) Seeking Service Leadership in Academic Libraries: An Analysis of Dean and Director Position Advertisements". In: Journal of Library Administration 58 (2018) 1, S. 18-53

Jo Henry / Joe Eshleman / Rebecca Croxton / Richard Moniz: "Incivility and Dysfunction in the Library Workplace: Perceptions and Feedback from the Field". In: Journal of Library Administration, S. 1-25

Julia A. Wells: "The female librarian in film: Has the image changed in 60 years?". In: SLIS Student Research Journal 3 (2013) 2, Article 2

Maria Micle: "Stereotypes Regarding Libraries and Librarians: An Approach of Romanian School and Academic Libraries". In: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 163 (2014) S. 92-98

Julia B. Chambers: "Library cartoons: A literature review of library-themed cartoons, caricatures, and comics". In: SLIS Student Research Journal 3 (2013) 1

Debra L. Hansen: "First class: Pioneering students at San José State University's School of Library and Information Science, 1928-1940". In: SLIS Student Research Journal 4 (2014) 1

Jonathan Pacheco Bell: "Certification of librarians: An unproven demand". In: SLIS Student Research Journal, 2 (2012) 1

Brighid Mooney Gonzales: "Preparing LIS students for a career in metadata librarianship". In: SLIS Student Research Journal 4 (2014) 1

Farbphotographie, gruene Lampen im Lesesaal einer Bibliothek
Lesesaal im Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt / Main (2008)

Die gesamte Sammlung an berufsbildrelevanten Literaturnachweisen ist auf library-mistress.net/berufsbild/ zu finden.

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