Thursday, January 03, 2019

BBB news: Neue Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in, 2019/2

Die neuesten Einträge in der Bibliographie Berufsbild Bibliothekar_in. Diesmal habe ich unter anderem neuere Publikationen von Libraries Unlimited ergänzt und ein bisschen in ERIC, E-LIS, Loughborough University Institutional Repository und Project Muse gestöbert. Die gesamte Bibliographie findet sich auf
Denice Adkins / Christina Virden / Charles Yier: "Learning about Diversity: The Roles of LIS Education, LIS Associations, and Lived Experience". In: The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy 85 (2015) 2, S. 139-149

Shin Freedman / Dawn Vreven: "Workplace Incivility and Bullying in the Library: Perception or Reality?". In: College & Research Libraries 77 (2016) 6, S. 727-748

Peter Graf / Alexander Zartl: "Nachruf auf Wolfgang Kerber (1942-2017)". In: Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen & Bibliothekare 70 (2017) 1, S. 13-16

Anne Powers: "'Librarian's Anxiety'? How Community College Librarians Feel about Their Reference Desk Service". In: Community & Junior College Libraries 16 (2010) 1, S. 54-70

Nicole A. Cooke: "Creating Mirrors and Doors in the Curriculum: Diversifying and Re-Envisioning the MLS". In: Johnna Percell / Lindsay C. Sarin / Paul T. Jaeger / John Carlo Bertot (Hrsg.): Re-Envisioning the MLS: Perspectives on the Future of Library and Information Science Education. Emerald 2018 (Advances in Librarianship, 44B), S. 27-48

Janet Harrison / Sally J.E. Sargeant: "Clinical librarianship in the UK: temporary trend or permanent profession? Part I: a review of the role of the clinical librarian". In: Health Information and Libraries Journal 21 (2004) 3, S. 173-181

Janet Harrison / Sally J.E. Sargeant: "Clinical librarianship in the UK: temporary trend or permanent profession? Part II: present challenges and future opportunities". In: Health Information and Libraries Journal 21 (2004) 4, S. 220-226

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David M. Baker: Certificates in library work: an historical-critical study of non-professional level librarianship qualifications in Britain, with reference to other countries, professions and training schemes. Loughborough University, Doctoral Thesis, 1987

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Libraries Unlimited

Nora J. Bird / Michael A. Crumpton (Hrsg.): Short-Term Staff, Long-Term Benefits. Making the Most of Interns, Volunteers, Student Workers, and Temporary Staff in Libraries. Libraries Unlimited 2018

Ken Haycock / Mary-Jo Romaniuk (Hrsg.): The Portable MLIS. Insights from the Experts. 2. Aufl. Libraries Unlimited 2017

Melissa M. Powell (Hrsg.): Becoming an Independent Information Professional. How to Freelance, Consult, and Contract for Fun and Profit. Libraries Unlimited 2017

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Lara Seven Phillips / Katherine G. Holvoet: Taking Your MLIS Abroad. Getting and Succeeding in an International Library Job. Libraries Unlimited 2016

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