Thursday, September 11, 2008

Social software in "First Monday"

The September issue of the great open access journal "First Monday" offers several articles about social software:
  • Whose space is MySpace? A content analysis of MySpace profiles / Steve Jones, Sarah Millermaier, Mariana Goya-Martinez, Jessica Schuler
  • Obfuscatocracy: A stakeholder analysis of governing documents for virtual worlds / Justin M. Grimes, Paul T. Jaeger, Kenneth R. Fleischmann
  • Medical students' and residents' use of online social networking tools: Implications for teaching professionalism in medical education / Richard E Ferdig, Kara Dawson, Erik W Black, Nicole M. Paradise Black, Lindsay A. Thompson
  • Rip, mix, burn ... sue ... ad infinitum: The effects of deterrence vs voluntary cooperation on non-commercial online copyright infringing behaviour / Peter James Allen
  • Early response to false claims in Wikipedia / P.D. Magnus
  • Exploring characteristics and effects of user participation in online social Q&A sites / Chirag Shah, Jung Sun Oh, Sanghee Oh
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