Friday, December 23, 2005

Die Europäische Kommission lädt zu einer Online-Konsultation zum Thema Digitalisierung, Zugänglichkeit und Erhaltung von Digitalisaten aus dem gesamten Bereich des kulturellen Erbes ein. Diese umfasst acht Fragen:
  • What additional measures could be taken at national and European level to encourage digitisation and online accessibility of material in all European languages?
  • What measures could be taken to promote private investments and new business-models such as public-private partnerships for digitising and making historical collections accessible?
  • What measures of a legislative, technical, organisational or other nature, could facilitate the digitisation and subsequent accessibility of copyrighted material, while respecting the legitimate interests of authors?
  • Is the issue of orphan material economically important and relevant in practice? If yes, what technical, organisational and legal mechanisms could be used to facilitate wider use of this material?
  • How could public domain material and other material available for general use (voluntary sharing) be made more transparent and widely known in order to facilitate its online availability for subsequent use?
  • What priority measures – in particular of an organisational and legal nature-– should be taken at national and European level to optimise the preservation of digital content with the limited resources available?
  • Is there a risk that national legal deposit schemes lead to a multiplication of requirements on internationally active companies? Would European legislation help avoiding this?
  • How could research contribute to progress on the preservation front? Which axes of work should be addressed in priority by the forthcoming Specific Research Programmes as part of the 7th Framework Programme?
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