Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BBB News

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn im Überblick, diesmal hauptsächlich Belletristik aus der romantischen Ecke.

  • Jacqueline Diamond: Unlikely Partners. Harlequin 1987 (= American Romance 218)
  • Jeanne Glidewell: Leave No Stone Unturned. Five Star 2008 (Five Star Mystery Series)
  • Sharon and Ton Curtis: Lightning that Lingers. Loveswept 1991
  • Caroline Cross: The Notorious Groom. Silhouette 1998 (= Silhouette Desire 1143) - "Lovely but shy Norah Jane Brown has definitely accepted her fate as an old maid. She doesn't date, she twists her long hair into a bun on top of her head, she wears baggy lace-collared granny dresses, and she works as a librarian. Worst of all, she's still a virgin at almost thirty-four"
  • Dallas Schulze: A Summer To Come Home. Harlequin 1990 (= American Romance 368)
  • Sandy Lynn: Eye Candy. Samhain 2006
  • Diana Duncan: Full Exposure. Harlequin 2008 (= Mediterranean Nights 8) - "To the passengers aboard the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream, Ariana Bennett appears to be an unassuming librarian. But her real mission is to probe the underworld of antiquities smuggling and find the criminals who framed her father and caused his death"
  • Allison Leigh: The Bride And The Bargain. Silhouette 2008 (= Special Edition 1882)
  • Joan Elliott Pickart: The Parker Project. Silhouette 2004 (= Family Secrets 10)
  • The M.J. Rodgers: The Adventuress. Harlequin 1994 (= American Romance 520) - scheue Bibliothekarin kriegt bei Flugzeugabsturz eine auf den Schädel, verliert das Gedächtnis und hält sich für die abenteuerlustige Heldin der von ihr geschriebenen Romane
  • Marie Nicole: Thick As Thieves. Harlequin 1985 (= Intrigue 21)
  • Rebecca Flanders: Second Sight. Harlequin 1984 (= American Romance 58)
  • Tracy Montoya: Next Of Kin. Harlequin 2005 (= Intrigue 883)
  • Margaret Malcolm: Jan Marlowe, Hospital librarian. Harlequin 1961 (= Harlequin 600)
  • Als sehr hilfreich bei der Suche hat sich das RomanceWiki erwiesen: Hier gibt es die Kategorien "Librarian" und "Librarian turned author".

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