Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BBB news

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn im Überblick.

  • Shari Low: My best friend's life. Oxford: ISIS 2008
  • Portia Da Costa: In too deep. London: Black Lace 2008
  • Gaetan M. Benoit: Eugene Morel. Pioneer of public libraries in France. Duluth: Library Juice Press 2008
  • Svetlana Mirč̌ov: Jovan N. Tomić. Bibliotekar i naučnik. Beograd: Narodna biblioteka Srbije 2007
  • Fiona Brand: Blind instinct. Don Mills: MIRA 2008 ("Within hours of finding a Nazi WWII codebook in her father's attic, librarian, Sara Fischer, becomes a target")
  • Peter Hernon / Joan Giesecke / Camila A. Alire (Hrsg.): Academic librarians as emotionally intelligent leaders. Westport: Libraries Unlimited / Oxford: Harcourt Education 2007
  • Kristina Lloyd: Split. London: Black Lace 2007 ("A visit to Heddlestone, a remote village on the Yorkshire moors of England, changes librarian Kate Carter's life forever. The place has an eerie yet erotic charge, and when Kate is offered a job in its puppet museum, she leaves London and her boyfriend to take up the position")
  • Rebecca Watson-Boone: A good match. Library career opportunities for graduates of liberal arts colleges. Chicago: American Library Association 2007
  • Lyn Denison: Past remembering. Tallahassee: Bella Books 2007
  • Amanda Stevens: Her stolen past. Richmond: Mills & Boon 2005 (Cooper's Corner Series 11)
  • Robert Sergean / J.R. McKay / Cynthia M. Corkill: The Sheffield Manpower Project. A survey of staffing requirements for librarianship and information work. Final report on a project funded by British Library Research and Development Department. Sheffield: Postgraduate School of Librarianship and Information Science, University of Sheffield 1976
  • Ruth Perkinson: Vera's still point. Midway: Spinsters Ink 2006 ("Vera Curran is in love with her own repression. She’s a forty-year-old Republican lesbian librarian from a rural county in Virginia who gladly sustains her life by doing the same insipid routine day in and day out")
  • Mary Virginia Gaver: A braided cord. Memoirs of a school librarian. Metuchen / London: Scarecrow 1988
  • Carrie Alexander: Black velvet. Richmond: Mills & Boon 1999
  • Serena Stier: Deadly illumination. A gilded age mystery. Dallas: Durban House / St. Albans: Verulam 2001
  • Cara Summers: Flirting with temptation. Richmond: Mills & Boon 2004
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