Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"shelving is actually a lot of work"

"I've never been a big fan of shelving. It is actually a lot of work. It's amazing how many books are on the very bottom row of the collection, or the very top, and how many neighboring books can slip sideways during a one-month checkout span. Inevitably, I end up breaking fingernails (when mine are long enough to break; maybe there's a reason that I routinely chew them to the quick)".

Aus: Mindy Klasky: Girl's Guide to Witchcraft. Ontario: Red Dress Ink 2006, S. 150 - 151. Ein unterhaltsames Buch über eine Bibliothekarin, die plötzlich entdeckt, dass sie Zauberkräfte besitzt. 2007 ist der zweite Band, "Sorcery and the Single Girl", 2008 der dritte Band "Magic and the Modern Girl" erschienen. Die Autorin ist übrigens selbst Bibliothekarin.

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