Monday, January 10, 2011

reading diary

finished last week:
Buffalo Bill's Defunct: A Latouche County Mystery by Sheila Simonson - a mystery starring a librarian and a police officer and a developing relationship between them, interesting story about native american ritual objects, situated in Washington state, published with the independent publisher Perseverance Press. I've just ordered volume two, "An old chaos".

Perfunctorily, Me by the.effing.librarian - a blook with interesting and funny posts from the retired weblog "the.effing.library", certainly worth its 8,99 Euros

currently reading:
Half Life: A Novel by Shelley Jackson - a book I have received as a present from my LibraryThing Santa and which was awarded the James Tiptree award in 2006. I can't rate it so far, but here's a glimpse of the contents from the author's website: "Nora and Blanche are a two-headed woman in a looking-glass world where conjoined twins have their own subculture, slang, and self-help books. Nora wants no part of it. She goes in search of the mysterious Unity Foundation, which offers a service they call The Divorce".

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