Monday, February 10, 2014

Wertvolle Archivbestände in Bosnien zerstört bzw. beschädigt

Aus der Mailingliste des International Council on Archives:

"During the demonstrations that took place in Sarajevo on February 6th 2014, the building of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina was damaged. Great damage was especially suffered by the Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is located there since its inception in 1947. Windows were broken and destroyed as well as the inventory that is used for daily operations. The real tragedy was caused when the fire spread to room of the Depot 1 which holds the oldest and most important archival material - from the Ottoman period to the end of World War II.
Funds that were spared by the flames were doused with water, so the true extent of this tragedy will be known in the following days.
Part of the archival material that is located in the basement of the Presidency of BiH was also destroyed during the attempts of firefighters of Sarajevo to extinguish the flames, other Depots of Archive of B&H are held in the basement. While putting the fire out a large amount of water penetrated into the basement.
After a precise estimation of the damage, activities will follow to renew materials as much as possible , conserve and physical protect. We in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from all the archives, are organizing to help.
We hope that the International Council on Archives express understanding and solidarity with the archivists of Bosnia and Herzegovina who care about cultural and historical treasures of B&H that is an important part of the overall World Heritage Site".

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