Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Postgraduales Studium Medizinisches Bibliothekswesen sinnvoll?

rosefirerising: medical library, Flickr, 2009, CC-BY-NC-ND
Gerhard Bissels in Inetbib:

// Medical librarians have developed a large and complex repertoire of methods in the context of EBM. While some large medical libraries provide extensive training and mentoring for newcomers to the profession, other colleagues find it hard to acquire the specialist knowledge they need for their job. So, is there a need for a postgrad programme in 'Medical Librarianship'? If so, what should that include? And how could it be delivered - by distance learning? Or with some residential modules? The Bern conference will have presentations around this issue, then enter into a panel discussion which will also allow the audience to voice their thoughts and ideas. We’ll follow up with an on-line survey, and a themed issue of the Journal of EAHIL in December.

Other topics of the conference include the Swiss national license to the Cochrane Library, systematic searching, and new developments in Open Science. There is also a small exhibition with stalls of the major publishers.

The conference takes place at Bern university on Sep. 9th. For details and to register, please see http://www.samw.ch/de/Aktuell/Agenda.html?p=00. There is no registration fee; coffee/tea and lunch are provided. //

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