Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deprofessionalization, Cutbacks, and Progressive Librarianship in the Trump Era

Programm der Progressive Librarian Guild auf der ALA Annual 2017 im Juni in Chicago:

//Moderator: Jane Glasby, Manager for the Blind and Print Disabled, San Francisco Public Library

Panelists in order of speaking:

Peter McDonald, Dean of Library Services, Fresno State: "Manifest Destiny, the Morrill Act, and Maker-Spaces: Academic Libraries in the Service of Capital". Abstract: McDonald will present a brief historical overview of how neoliberalism saturates the workings of the academy, with antecedents dating back to feudalism on through Manifest Destiny to the 'Free Markets' credo of today.

Mark Hudson, Head of Adult Services, Monroeville Public Library (PA): "Community-Building vs. Customer-Driven Librarianship: Countering Neoliberal Ideology in Public Libraries". Abstract: What concrete models of community-building librarianship do we have to counter the ideology of customer-driven 'business model' (neoliberal) librarianship in public libraries? How is a pervasive technocratic rationality deprofessionalizing librarianship by redefining librarians as technicians, away from our historic identities as educators and cultural workers?

John Buschman, Dean of University Libraries, Seton Hall University: "November 8, 2016, the Public, and Libraries". Abstract: What, now, is the library in the life of its public(s)? How the public(s) that libraries face have changed in recent (neoliberal) times clarifies library responses within our current neoliberal environment.
John's recent article: "The Library in the Life of the Public: Implications of a Neoliberal Age". The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy 87, 1 (January 2017): 55-70.

Maura Seale, Collections, Research, and Instruction Librarian, Georgetown University: "Efficiency or Jagged Edges: Resisting Neoliberal Logics of Assessment". Abstract: Librarianship has been pervaded by a will to collect and assess data, often in an effort to prove our value and thereby escape austerity measures. Yet assessment is dominated by neoliberal logics that focus on efficiency. How might we reframe assessment so that it both effectively represents our work and resists neoliberalism.//

Source: Kathleen McCook in stanleyk.

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