Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gov Docs 4 children

Vier Bibliothekarinnen der Emporia State University, des Johnson County Library System und der National Archives haben ein Programm namens "govdocs4children" ins Leben gerufen. Ziel: "to promote government information in order to engage K-12 students in learning about history, culture, science, and government through games and other interactive activities; to assist teachers and school librarians with locating teaching aids, lesson plans, and exciting tools to enhance students' learning, and to provide librarians with a collection of free government resources to advance their reference interview and collection development decisions".
Dafür gibt es auch ein Wiki, wo unter anderem Hinweise auf die Kinderwebsites verschiedener Behörden verzeichnet werden, z.B. "Make or break a code at National Security Agency", "Try a disguise at Central Intelligence Agency" oder "Test your memory at Defense Intelligence Agency". - Via nexgenlib.

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