Monday, June 11, 2007


I. John Granger (Hrsg.): Who killed Albus Dumbledore? What really happened in Harry Potter and the half-blood prince? Six expert Harry Potter detectives examine the evidence. Wayne: Zossima Press 2007
  • John Granger: Why half-blood prince is the best Harry Potter novel
  • Wendy B. Harte: The curse of the Black family tree
  • Sally M. Gallo: How Dumbledore and Slughorn used magic - and stage magic - and fooled us all
  • Daniela Teo: The locket, the cup, Nagini, Harry, and the mirror of erised
  • Swythyv: Mourning for her own true love
  • Joyce Odell: Welcome to my murder: Act 1
  • The usual suspects: Brandy and the revelations in the library
  • II. Jeannie Ebner: Und hat sein Geheimnis bewahrt. Graz: Styria 1991 ("Ein Roman über den bunten Teppich Leben, über Gott, über Menschen, über Tiere und Pflanzen")

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