Monday, August 25, 2003

The list futurelib, a forum for librarians in spe, was recently set inactive by the founder. There are a few other lists for future librarians:
- librarian_wannabes: "Discussion group designed to help up and coming librarians through the trials of graduate school and new jobs" (hosted by Yahoo). The founder says: "If you are studying to become a librarian, have an desire to become one or already one and feel that you can help others through, come join in"
- nextgenlib: an discussion list that was created for “the next generation of librarians,” primarily those under 30, though its members range in age from the early-20s into the 30s (hosted by Topica)
- fhib-bid: This is a list for all students and alumnae/i of the university I work at who are interested in library and information science (hosted by Yahoo)

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