Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Science Fiction - it's hard to explain why this genre fascinates me that much. I think it started when I saw the Star Trek Classics as a child. The series created an own universe in which my thoughts could easily settle in... Apart from Star Trek, I like to read German science fiction which was written in the first half of the 20th century or earlier. It's quite thrilling to see what writers of that time thought how the world would be in our time. Some predictions came true, others seem ridiculous and unimaginable still today.
Short time ago there was opened a new chapter in SF for me: Last term, I attended a seminar about lesbian literature at the University of Vienna. Together with two colleagues, I wrote a paper about lesbian and feminist science fiction & fantasy. Here is a shortlist of literature we discussed, maybe you "acquire a taste for it":

Claudia Rath: Die Midlandprophezeiung (German)
Katherine V. Forrest: Daughters of a coral dawn; Daughters of an amber noon
Mary Gentle: The Book of Ash
Star Trek episodes "The Host", "Rejoined", "The emperor's new cloak"
TV series "Buffy, the vampire slayer"
Stephanie Kuhnen: Dita (German short story)
Francoise dEaubonne: La satellite d'amande (French) = Das Geheimnis des Mandelplaneten (German)
Marion Zimmer Bradley: Darkover (three books from the series: City of Sorcery, Thendara House, Shattered chain)
Magliane Samasow (recte Martina Schaefer): Die Tafeln der Maeve (German)
Diana Lee: Die Geliebte der Woelfin (German) = Bodice Ripper (English)
Gerd Brantenberg: Die Toechter Egalias (originally Norwegian)
Elisabeth Vonarburg: Chroniques du Pays des Meres (French)
Nicola Griffith: Ammonite
Nicola Griffith / Stephen Pagel (ed): Bending the landscape (collection)
Marge Pierce: Women at the edge of time

I also maintain a list at the German amazon website.

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