Monday, August 25, 2003

Something interesting for SF-loving librarians (there are loads of...) I found browsing through the LibraryPlanet Weblog: "Star Trek fiction" is an authorized Library of Congress genre heading. Here's the proof.
By the way: I remember some occurences of librarians in Star Trek:
- First, there was Mr. Atoz in the Classics episode "All Our Yesterdays" - what a wonderful name for a librarian: "a to z" (picture).
- Second, there was the USS Enterprise librarian - planned in "Star Trek: Insurrection", but cut out. The role of a librarian would have been impersonated by Lee Amone-Briggs.
- Third, I just read that Lt. Mira Romaine, a friend of Scotty in the Classics episode "The Lights of Zetar", apparently also was a librarian: "Lt. Mira Romaine, a librarian whose assignment at the Memory Alpha library is disrupted when the staff is found dead after an energy phenomenon moved through the station" (source)
- Fourth, a monkey librarian :-) occurs in the text "Star Trek vs Star Wars", fan fiction written 1997 by David Hopper, which is published here.
If you can think of more Star Trek stuff featuring librarians, please tell me.

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  1. In the 70s I saw a TV episode that I remembered being Star Trek where the crew encounters a civilization that was all but dead. They had relied on a computer for ages and when the computer died they did not know how to fix it or how to do anything to survive. In my memory, Kirk is taken to see the computer that is in the libary surrounded by thousands of books. The civilization had ceased to read and all the knowledge in books was remained untapped. I cannot find this episode in the Star Trek, Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits files. Trekkie friends believe I dreamed it up . .. I can still see it in my mind's eye. Have you heard of a tv episode with this story line?