Monday, August 25, 2003

The Republic of Austria runs about fifty so-called "Austria libraries", in which literature from and about Austria is collected. Most of these information centres are situated in Eastern European countries, from Albania to Russia. On a new website, information about the Austria libraries is provided. This includes addresses, contact persons, a virtual library with bibliographies...
If you suddenly feel itchy feet, have a look @ the "Bureau for International Library Staff Exchange", LIBEX, which can be found here. I personally would like to work some time in Romania, but I'm afraid I'd have to learn a lot more Romanian. Romanian is a beautiful language, but at the moment, my ability is very limited: I can count from one to twenty, and I can master very important sentences like "the shower doesn't work" or "quick, call the ambulance". By the way, a lot of information about Romania can be found with "Karpatenwilli" at this website.

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