Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bibliothek 2.0-News

  • Jane Secker: "Social software and libraries: a literature review from the LASSIE project". In: Program: electronic library and information systems 42 (2008) 3, pp. 215 - 231
  • Lisa Foggo: "Using Blogs for Formative Assessment and Interactive Teaching". In: Ariadne 51 (2007)
  • Peter Godwin / Jo Parker (eds): Information literacy meets web 2.0. London: Facet 2008 ("a practically-based overview of emerging Library 2.0 tools and technologies for information literacy practitioners; addresses the impact of the adoption of these technologies on information literacy teaching; provides case study exemplars for practitioners to help inform their practice; and examines the implications of Library 2.0 for the training of information literacy professionals")
  • Jane Secker / Gwyneth Price: "Libraries as a social space: enhancing the experience of distance learners using social networking tools". In: Libraries Without Walls 7: Exploring 'anytime, anywhere' delivery of library services. Molyvos: 2007
  • Terence K. Huwe: "Born to Blog". In: Computers in Libraries 23 (2003) 10
  • Jay Bhatt: "Blogging as a Tool: Innovative Approaches to Information Access". In: Library Hi Tech News 22 (2005) 9, pp. 28 - 32
  • Michael C. Habib: Toward Academic Library 2.0: Development and Application of a Library 2.0 Methodology. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science, Master's Thesis, 2006
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