Friday, November 12, 2010

CfP: Women for Ecological Justice

Ein Call for Papers für das "Women in German"-Panel bei der Modern Language Association Conference (Seattle, Jänner 2012): "Given that the most pressing issue facing the world today is climate change, we need to ask how in our teaching and scholarship we in the humanities can be instrumental in re-conceiving our relationship to nature. This panel plans to address the role of gender and a feminist ethics of care within the following possible topics: German literature and ecocriticism, animals in German literature and philosophy, Romantic ecology and its theories of vitalism and organicism, 'Naturlyrik', colonialist expansion and the creation of the zoo, the history of 'Lebensreform' movements, critiques of technology and anthropocentrism, 'the Eternal Treblinka' (I. B. Singer), biopolitics, writing on weather or landscape, Green Party politics from the 1980s onward, a reevaluation of ecofeminism, the deconstruction of carnophallogocentrism, and green architecture and green spaces in Germany today. The panel hopes to span writings from Hildegard von Bingen to Marlen Haushofer".

One-page abstracts by 1 March to Alice Kuzniar ( and Jacqueline Vansant ( - Hinweise aus h-german und MALCA_Liste.

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