Saturday, April 04, 2015

Neu: Buch über "Progressive Library Organizations", auch aus Österreich

Bei McFarland ist gerade das Buch "Progressive Library Organizations. A Worldwide History" von Alfred Kagan erschienen.

Beschreibung des Verlages: "This work presents the history and impact of the seven most important progressive library organizations worldwide — in Austria, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and two in the United States. Each organization is considered within its national context, and in fact, the English word 'organization' does not quite fit the nature of all of the groups. The South African organization, LIWO, was transitional in that it helped bring South African librarianship from apartheid to majority rule and then disbanded. The other organizations or their successors are still working in one form or another. Some of the organizations have had or continue to have vibrant local chapters, though many of the original activists have recently retired or died. The author has interviewed many of them at a time when they were assessing their life work, and handing off to new generations".

Hinweis aus stanley-k.

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