Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Buch des Tages: Katherine's Diary

In "Katherine's Diary. The Story of a transsexual", im November 2008 neu aufgelegt bei BookSurge Publishing, schildert die australische Bibliothekarin Katherine Cummings ihren langen Weg vom verheirateten Vater dreier Kinder John Cummings zur Frau, die sie heute ist. - Das Buch wurde 1992 mit dem Australian Human Rights Award for Non Fiction ausgezeichnet. Rezensionen u.a. beim australischen Gender Centre.
Der Text "The life and loves of an XY woman" kann online gelesen werden: "Sometimes, with no intent to deceive, I hear myself saying 'When I was a little girl, I ...' and I pull myself up and examine this false memory that has been created from my knowledge of other women's childhoods, or from childhoods absorbed from my sister's story books and from my longing from earliest infancy to be female. There is a deep underlying desire in me for a complete life but a complete life is something I will never have".

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