Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Ah, how good it is to be a librarian"

Der obnoxious librarian from hades wirft im gleichnamigen Weblog "a satirical look at life in a large bureaucracy" und schildert in einem Eintrag die Mühen, der Personalabteilung zu erklären, warum er an einer regionalen Bibliothekskonferenz teilnehmen möchte. Außerdem werden die "Vortragsklassiker" der Bibliothekskonferenzen aufgelistet, die mit kaum veränderten Folien immer wieder gebracht werden - zum Beispiel "Why cataloguing is still relevant in an online world (1993)" und "Library 2.0: more hype and fluff to make us seem hip (2005)".
Ich mag besonders folgende Passage: "Ah, how good it is to be a librarian – right now I am reading the Artemis Fowl fantasy series while sitting at the library desk. To hide what I am reading, I have wrapped the book in a fake cover with 'Library 2.0 – Hype or reality?' on it. On every page I frown, pretend to scribble something on the page or highlight a paragraph. This way nobody notices I am actually reading for fun, and librarians are supposed to read of course".

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  1. Hello Library Mistress,

    how funny to read your comment while I am on holiday in the german speaking part of Switzerland :-)
    Glad you liked my post, I do like the small perks of being a librarian like getting to read while you "work", hahaha.

    best regards,