Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"RDA: why it won't work"

Im Weblog "From the catalogs of babes" ist ein interessanter Beitrag mit dem Titel "RDA: why it won't work" erschienen, aus dem ich eine Passage wiedergeben möchte: "Who can blame the cataloger who applies subject headings incorrectly when there are literally 4 volumes of instructions, many of which have different rules and guidelines for each different subject? Who can blame someone for misremembering if a colon or a semi-colon precedes the 300b field? Who can blame a person for entering the title of a work in title case, rather than lower case (except for the first word and proper nouns), especially when the former is a national community standard taught in elementary education. And who can blame someone for not following these outdated standards because technology makes them no longer applicable or necessary?"

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