Saturday, March 20, 2010

reading diary

aktuelle Lektüre:
Lydia Millet: Oh pure and radiant heart. Vintage Books 2007 ("the three geniuses who were key to the invention of the atom bomb--physicists J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard--are displaced to contemporary America at the moment history's first mushroom cloud rises over the New Mexico desert in July 1945. When the scientists appear in Santa Fe in 2003, Ann, a reference librarian, and her doting husband Ben take them in, and with the long-dead physicists for houseguests are swept up in a quixotic and calamitous quest")

Magnus Mills: The Scheme for Full Employment. HarperPerennial 2004

Linda Bacon: Health at every size. The surprising truth about your weight. Benbella 2008

abgeschlossene Lektüre:
Maj Sjöwall / Per Wahlöö: Die Tote im Götakanal. 2. Aufl. Rowohlt 2009

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