Thursday, December 27, 2007

BBB news

Die neuesten Einträge in meiner Bibliographie Berufsbild BibliothekarIn im Überblick.

  • Bettina Hasan: Digital Image: the stereotype of the female librarian and images of and by librarians on the Internet. Aberystwyth, University of Wales, Department of Information and Library Studies, MscEcon Dissertation
  • David Mattison: The Fictional World of Archives, Art Galleries and Museums. 1999 - 2007
  • Ernie Ingles, Kathleen De Long, Chuck Humphrey, Allison Sivak, Marianne Sorensen, Jennifer de Peuter: The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries. 2005, ISBN 1-55195-119-3
  • Brigg C. Nzotta: "Factors Associated with the Job Satisfaction of Male and Female Librarians in Nigeria". In: Library and Information Science Research 7 (1985) 1, S. 75 - 84
  • Jonathan D. Lauer et al: "Faculty Status, Longevity, and Salaries among Librarians in LIBRAS". Paper presented at the Western New York/Ontario Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Workshop (Buffalo, NY, September 26, 1988).
  • William G. Jordan: Salary Compensation Systems for Librarians: A Study of Ten Members of the Association of Research Libraries. Washington: Office of Management Studies, Association of Research Libraries 1981 (= Occasional Paper 5)
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