Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alte Jungfer, die x-te

The Annoyed Librarian schreibt in der heurigen Kolumne über eine Bibliothekarin in der Werbung: "In 1972, Nabisco placed advertisements in McCall's, Redbook, and Better Homes and Gardens for Korkers, Flings, and Corn Diggers, which were snack foods at the time, though forty years on they all sound rather rude. Some of the ads were full of beautiful people fondling Korkers, having Flings, and munching on Corn Diggers. Well, they weren't completely full of beautiful people. One person in particular was old, withered, scowling, and dressed like a nineteenth century spinster. She was identified as 'Mildred Mason, town librarian'".

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