Thursday, August 16, 2007


Antiquariat (in Amerika bestellt, in schwedischem Postsack geliefert)
  • Jonathan A. Lindsey / Ann E. Prentice: Professional ethics and librarians. Phoenix: Oryx Press 1985 (withdrawn from Denison Univ. Library)
  • John David Marshall (compiler): Of, by and for librarians. 2nd series. Hamden: Shoestring Press 1974 (Office of Public Libraries and Interlibrary Cooperation, St. Paul/Minnesota)
  • Dee Garrison: Apostles of culture. The public librarian and american society, 1876 - 1920. New York: Free press / London: Collier Macmillan 1979
  • Mary Ellen Soper / Larry N. Osborne / Douglas L. Zweizig / Ronald E. Powell: The librarian's thesaurus. A concise guide to library and information terms. Chicago / London: American library association 1990 (official discard, Sonoma County Library)
  • Johanna E. Tallmann: Check out a librarian. Metuchen / London: Scarecrow 1985 (Library development and services, St. Paul/Minnesota)
  • Martha J. Bailey: The special librarian as a supervisor or middle manager. 2nd ed. Washington: Special libraries association 1986 (withdrawn from Loyola University Medical Center Library)
  • Perry D. Morrison: The career of the academic librarian; a study of the social origins, educational attainments, vocational experience, and personality characteristics of a group of American academic librarians. 2nd printing. Chicago: American Library Association 1970 (discarded by Milwaukee School of Engineering Library)
  • David G. Hartwell / Glenn Grant: Northern suns. The new anthology of Canadian science fiction. New York: Tor 1999
  • To the stars. The autobiography of George Takei, Star Trek's Mr Zulu. New York: Archway 1995 (withdrawn, Harris County Public Library, Bear Creek Branch Library
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