Thursday, September 08, 2005

Aus nexgenlib-l: The Geaux Library Project will attempt to meet the information needs at hurricane evacuee shelters around Louisiana and beyond. Using computers and networking equipment donated to the Red Cross and others by large commercial and local IT companies, we will be setting up small computer labs at Red Cross shelters and staffing them with librarians and other trained volunteers. Our pilot locations in Louisiana will include the Gonzales, Baton Rouge, and Acadiana (Lafayette) areas.
We need your help! Specifically, we have openings for the following volunteer positions: Geaux Getters, Geaux Coordinators, Geaux Librarians, Geauxfers, Geaux Techs, Geaux Couriers, Geaux Speed Searcher, Geaux Writer, Geaux Webmaster [Details auf der Website]. Everything is completely voluntary at this time, but the satisfaction you receive will be helping hurricane Katrina victims by doing what you know how to do better than anyone else!

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