Monday, September 12, 2005

Der erste "Workshop on Eprints in Library and Information Science" wird am 22. Oktober in Genf stattfinden. "The workshop is for activists, friends and folks who want to find out more about the E-LIS eprints archive for Library and Information Science. E-LIS was formed in 2003 to further the open archiving of papers in LIS and related fields. It is an open-access international eprints archive maintained by volunteers. It has grown spectacularly well. At the time of writing almost 3000 eprints have been archived. At the workshop the E-LIS community will discuss technical details of E-LIS and organizational models for the E-LIS community. Outsiders will find it interesting to see how a really successful open archive works. Some efforts that are related to E-LIS will also be discussed".

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