Monday, September 19, 2005

The magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 22 (1962) 2
  • J.G. Ballard: The garden of time
  • Grendel Briarton: Ferdinand Feghoot: XLVIII
  • Avram Davidson: The hovel on the alley off Eye Street
  • J.T. Mcintosh: One into two
  • Walter H. Kerr: Gruesome Discovery
  • Josef Nesvadba: Pirate island
  • Richard Matheson: The traveller
  • Ward Moore: Rebel
  • Barry Stevens: Window to the Whirled
  • Isaac Asimov: Science. Superficially speaking
  • Lewis Turco: Excerpts from the Latterday chronicle
  • Matthew Grass: The snake in the closet
  • Edgar Pangborn: The Golden horn

  • Amazing Stories 27 (1953) 7
  • Paul Lohrman: The big tomorrow
  • Robert Sheckley: Beside still waters
  • Theodore Sturgeon: A way of thinking
  • Richard Matheson: Little girl lost
  • Arthur Feldman: The mathematicians
  • Richard Wilson: Visitor from the void
  • Richard Sternbach: The hands
  • Vern Fearing: The Sloths of Kruvny
  • H.L. Gold, Robert Krepps: The enormous room
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